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> Department > Bariatric (Weight loss) and Metabolic Surgery  

As people around the world get more conscious regarding their health and appearance, the significance of bariatric surgery - surgery aimed at providing weight loss has greatly increased. Bariatric surgery involves two main principles -

  • Restrictive: Reducing the intake or volume of food that can be accommodated inside our Gastro-intestinal tract
  • Malabsorbtive: Reducing the absorption of dietary nutrients, especially fats.

Numerous procedures, simple and major are available to achieve the above, including adjustable gastric banding, fundoplication, gastric bypass surgeries and endoscopic procedures. Both laparoscopic and open techniques are available to perform these procedures. The safety and efficacy of these procedures have been firmly established around the world, and these are now available to the people of the North East. By helping people reduce weight, these procedures also have a role to play in treating metabolic diseases, especially Diabetes, hypertension and coronary artery disease. Research is also going on around the world regarding newer procedures for treating these conditions, especially Diabetes, and we hope to introduce such procedures in the near future.

Our Medical Team

Dr. Subhash Khanna