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Northeast India is a hotbed of cancer and pre-cancerous conditions and we are the most trusted cancer specialist in Guwahati. We have a high prevalence of cancer affecting almost any part of the body, including head & neck, bone, and soft tissues, abdominal and pelvic organs. Considering this, our cancer specialist has dedicated an entire wing to provide the best cancer surgery and cancer treatment services in Guwahati under the surveillance of one of the best cancer specialists in Guwahati. We have the latest diagnostic techniques for cancer detection and cancer surgery in Guwahati, as well as experts trained in latest and radical surgeries for cancer elimination. With timely intervention in cancer surgery cases, we hope to improve patient survival rates and provide a better quality of life. 

Best cancer surgery in Guwahati.

At Swagat Hospital, all oncosurgery or cancer surgery treatment is performed with great success rate due to which, today we have become one of the best cancer specialists hospitals in Guwahati and entire Northeast, India.  

We offer complete cancer care with the best cancer care treatment facilities and best cancer surgery in Guwahati. Our highly qualified team of oncologists or cancer specialists studies every cancer case together and decides the best cancer treatment for the patient in Guwahati. Our highly trained medical therapists, speech therapists, dieticians and other specialists provide complete support to the team of cancer specialists to provide the best care and solution to the cancer patient.

Cancer is a cruel disease which cannot be diagnosed easily and very hard to treat as it grows inside constantly and spread rigorously. But to change the old cancer treating procedure, we as one of the best Cancer Hospitals brings the precision oncology or cancer surgery in Guwahati with a unique approach to diagnose, treat and monitor cancer patient.

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases which cannot be a cure if it will not diagnose and treated in early stages. Therefore, right diagnosis and management is the key to manage cancer. As one of the best cancer hospitals in Guwahati, Swagat Hospitals brings a team of best cancer specialists to treat all types of cancers by offering a wide range of cancer services ranging such as public education, screening and diagnosis, treatment, pain management, and palliative care.

The range of cancer treatment services provided at our cancer specialists department are:

  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemo Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)
  • Pain and Palliative Care

Our Medical Team

Dr. Subhash Khanna
Dr. Chandan Das
Dr. Mridul Kumar Sarma
Dr. Basant Mahadevappa